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The Quiet Life Peony Liberty London capsule

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peony liberty london the quiet life peony liberty london the quiet life

The Quiet Life fall 2015 collection has just been released through Quiet Life stockists globally and through the Quiet Life online store. Consisting of several new cut and sew styles, such as, the Trail Windbreaker jacket, Middle of Nowhere satin bomber jacket, Contrast Windy pullover, Climber pull over. Also in the Fall 15 collection are several new art and graphic design prints on t shirts, long sleeve t shirts and fleece. And on top of all that are The Quiet Life’s signature hat collection consisting of new 5 panel hats, polo hats, hybrid hats and snapback hats.

With in the new Quiet Life Fall 15 collection are several mini capsules, one of the stand out capsules is the Peony Liberty London capsule. The Peony Liberty London capsule is made up of several cut and sew styles and hats, using the unique Peony fabric from the globally renowned fabric supplier and boutique store, Liberty London. There is the Peony Oxford long sleeve button shirt, Peony zip up hood, Peony long sleeve t shirt, Peony pocket t shirt, Peony 5 panel hat and Peony bucket hat.

peony liberty london the quiet life peony liberty london the quiet life peony liberty london the quiet life peony liberty london the quiet life



Travis Millard & Quiet Life release party

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Travis Millard Quiet Life release party

The Quiet Life joined forces with the Highland Park local gallery, Slow Culture, in Los Angeles, for the launch of the new Quiet Life and Travis Millard ‘Fudge Dwog’ art capsule collection.tumblr_npheezVD6t1sxeezjo1_1280 Travis Millard Quiet Life release party

The event ran as both a pop up store for The Quiet Life x Travis Millard ‘Fudge Dwog’ artist capsule collection, and a mini art exhibition of the distinctive and fun art and illustration from Travis Millard.

Beer, Pizza and Ping Pong went down, along with the fine selection of clothing, hats and accessories from the collaboration collection.

Travis Millard Quiet Life release party Travis Millard Quiet Life release party Travis Millard Quiet Life release party

The Quiet Life got together with long time QL guest artist and contributor Travis Millard for the creation of the Fudge Dwog capsule. Using Travis’s distinctive art and illustration to produce an amazing capsule collection.

Travis designed and illustrated the Fudge Dwog character for Quiet Life, loosely based around his dog. We then, here at The Quiet Life, created a clothing and accessory capsule collection around the Travis Millard Fudge Dwog art work.

The capsule collection consisted of, several unique cut and sew styles and of course several staple Quiet Life style hats.

Specifically designed, where the loop back French terry fleece Jackson crew sweat, woven short sleeve button up shirt, woven beach short, printed pocket t shirt, two 5 panel hats, trucker hat and a polo hat.

The look book for the Travis Millard collection was shot on location at Travis’s work space and studio in Echo Park Los Angeles, California.

Quiet Life x Steve Harrington

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lookbook-002The Quiet Life are back stronger than ever with their new ‘Mind Games’ capsule with Steven Harrington. Here’s what they have to say

‘We are excited and proud to tell you about our latest project – it’s a  capsule collection called “MIND GAMES” – designed by our good friend and great artist Steven Harrington.
Steven is an amazing talent and a perfect fit for The Quiet Life – We share many friends and interests and are both based in Los Angeles. We’ve been slowly working with him on this collection – a capsule that is based around an original repeat print and graphic that he designed for us. This capsule includes several new hats, a bucket hat, a button down shirt, a pocket T and a graphic T.’ Here’s the look book link.lookbook-012 lookbook-016 lookbook-008 lookbook-024 lookbook-025



I Love Ugly look book

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1402956_745277928831114_938627871_oI Love Ugly are back with a super strong collection, they have recently released their October line into selected stores. And their November capsule is imminent. We are able to provide a sneak peek at their forthcoming look book for these releases. More to follow…..1377321_747753985250175_785449578_n 1074780_747463778612529_596514564_o


I Love Ugly ‘Chalk’ video

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I Love Ugly have just released their most visual capsule to date, The Chalk series, available in selected UK stores. Heres what I Love Ugly have to say – ‘Originally I Love Ugly was an Art Collective with strong roots in Illustration and Street Art. It was those Art pieces and illustrations that lead to screen printed T-shirts which continued to expand to other mediums and finally to the I love ugly you know today.
Art is something that will always have a major influence on I Love Ugly so we will continue to strengthen that message in all aspects of I Love Ugly.
The Series is based around a Chalk Mural that was drawn in the original I Love Ugly studio roughly 2 years ago and re-created by our Creative Director on a much larger scale in the new creative studios.
This Mural was then interpreted as the motif print for this capsule collection, featuring on Shirts, Jacket, watches and Pants and even being released as a Fine art Print.
Aspire to inspire before you expire.’734393_729317703760470_418715488_n

I Love Ugly Chalk series

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I Love Ugly are set to release their new ‘Chalk’ series, amazing art graphics, a little Kaws inspired. Heres what they have to say along with a teaser video – You may have noticed a few snippets of our chalk series for the last few weeks now.
This Thursday night at 8:00pm we will be releasing the whole series on an array of different products.
The series is based on a mural drawn by our Creative Director in our first studio which then developed into this collection.
We will also be releasing 30 limited edition signed prints along with the collection.
Heres a teaser video for the drop, the full feature will be released this coming Thursday.Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 08.08.12 Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 08.08.04 Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 08.07.46


Quiet Life x Steve Harrington

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2013-08-15 16.26.10The Quiet Life recently started delivering their new Autumn/Fall 13 collection. Consisting of amazing new designs in cut and sew, woven shirts, pocket t shirts, printed fleece and t shirts, 5 panel caps, bucket hats and snapback caps. In amongst this new line is the collaboration with LA based artist Steve Harrington.

Steve Harrington has previously done work for people such as the Moca store, Colette in Paris, Generic Surplus and The Standard hotel. Now he has designed a unique piece of artwork for the Quiet Life, called ‘mind games’. The art work has been used as an all over woven shirt, pocket t shirt, printed t shirt, 5 panel cap and a bucket hat. His artwork is very distinctive and looks insane on clothing.2013-08-15 16.21.46 2013-08-15 16.26.34 2013-08-15 16.22.58 2013-08-15 16.22.29 T SHIRT_T SHIRT_HARRINGTON_yellow 549146_10151447558113172_23373115_n T SHIRT_T SHIRT_HARRINGTON_heather T SHIRT_T SHIRT_HARRINGTON_white

Quiet Life Sp13 highlights

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QL_sp13_pocket-t_01The Quiet Life’s new Spring 13 collection is the best to date. And we want to highlight key styles from the new line. Here are the killer pocket t shirts, mixing tie dye, tic tac art work, aloha girls, diamonds and forests.QL_sp13_pocket-t_08QL_sp13_pocket-t_04QL_sp13_pocket-t_10QL_sp13_pocket-t_07QL_sp13_pocket-t_02QL_sp13_pocket-t_03QL_sp13_pocket-t_09QL_sp13_pocket-t_06QL_sp13_pocket-t_11


Quiet Life art installation London

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The Quiet Life have recently launched their UK art/camera club installation. Starting off at the General Store on Commercial street, Shoreditch in London. The installation concists of a selection of the some of the key art work & camera club photographs, that featured in previous, recent and current Quiet Life collections. Art work & Typography from Andy Mueller & photographs from the likes of Gia Ford Coppela. The installation will feature @ General Store for a few weeks and then move onto another store in the UK as part of the moving tour. Check out ‘Pug Life’, available as a t shirt from the new Holiday quick strike collection in stores this week.