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I Love Ugly ‘Chalk’ series

Posted in Uncategorized by deadlyserious on September 30, 2013

551201_733268236698750_97813755_nWe recently featured a video showing the I Love Ugly Chalk artwork in motion. Here are some of the key styles taken from the new Chalk series collection. And here are some words from I Love Ugly – Originally I Love Ugly was an Art Collective with strong roots in Illustration and Street Art. It was those Art pieces and illustrations that lead to screen printed T-shirts which continued to expand to other mediums and finally to the I love ugly you know today.
Art is something that will always have a major influence on I Love Ugly so we will continue to strengthen that message in all aspects of ILU.
The Series is based around a Chalk Mural that was drawn in the original ILU studio roughly 2 years ago and re-created by our Creative Director on a much larger scale in the new creative studios.
This Mural was then interpreted as the motif print for this capsule collection, featuring on Shirts, Jacket, watches and Pants and even being released as a Fine art Print.
Aspire to inspire before you expire.971289_733268400032067_1117077730_n 1374216_733268373365403_2055030865_n 1239542_733268180032089_40100342_n 1375138_733268293365411_460900614_n 1375711_733268126698761_2042703326_n 1233472_733268196698754_284030090_n



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