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Gentle Fawn Spring 12 hits stores across the UK

Posted in Gentle Fawn, Spring Summer 2012 by deadlyserious on February 25, 2012

The mild temperatures are arriving yet again, Spring is finally kicking Winter out. Perfect timing for Gentle Fawn to launch their new Spring 12 collection into stores across the UK. Sighting inspiration from ‘Cow girls in the sand’, ‘Morrocan Gypsy’, ‘Electric youth’ & ‘The Wanderer’.

The new Gentle Fawn collection has an array of bright, bold and colourful fabric mixes such as rayon, cotton, spandex, chiffon, lace & silk. From dresses to tops, leggings, jackets, fleece, knits in the cut and sew. Alongside hand drawn printed graphics and of course the staple Essentials collection.

Early spring styles in cut and sew, essentials and printed graphics have been in stores for a short time with re orders going out already. This is a collection that places Gentle Fawn at the for front for the new season. Be sure to check your local independent online and street stores.

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