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Corey Smith // Become a Better You // Art Show recap

Posted in Uncategorized by deadlyserious on November 25, 2011

A few weeks ago COMUNE/Drop City artist Corey Smith had his solo show titled “Become a Better You” at the AR4T gallery in Laguna Beach.

Here’s some photos and recap story. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Two days of installation, several months of cultivating, and a lifetime of people watching, Corey Smith’s “Become a Better You” exhibition opened last Thursday. The solo show was held at AR4T gallery and premiered during the Laguna Beach Art Walk.

The office shut down early that day and the unassuming COMUNE van took all of us hoodlums to the beautiful Laguna Beach. With some 32 ounce Coors and enough beef jerky to put us into cardiac arrest, our party had begun. Even with the blacked out windows and the blaring music coming from the speakers, we couldn’t help but notice how rad it is to live in Southern California.

When the doors opened to the AR4T Gallery almost immediately two very happy collectors snagged two of Corey’s pieces up. Over the course of the evening, the space got filled to the brim and the art provoked bountiful conversations. Outside the gallery, our very own Ben Rice and crew posted up in an RV and got harassed by cops for causing what else but general ruckus.

Inspired by get-rich-quick ponsi schemes, exercise equipment, absurdity of extreme sports, weight-loss plans, and modern strategies for success, wealth, and happiness, Smith’s collection exhibits his signature minimalist techniques. Included are twelve new paintings, the revolutionary life changing and healing device Personal Pyramid, and new video installation “Digital Detritus”.

Corey’s new age healing device “The Personal Pyramids”, as advertised, did in fact make dreams come true for young and old.


Check out AR4T Gallery’s Recap of the opening here:


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